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  • I hereby authorize Instant360 to upload the Photographs to Google and license the Photographs for Google’s use in accordance with the Google Terms of Service. I understand that Instant360 is an independent contractor and neither Instant360 nor any of its personnel are a Google employee or agent, but Instant360 is authorized under the Google Maps Street View Program to provide photography services to local businesses that desire to participate in the Street View Program.

    In exchange for the Service Fee Instant360 will: (a) Capture photographs of the portions of the Business premises designated by me as acceptable for photographing in connection with the Street View Program; (b) Upload the images to Google Street View and add them to my business; (c) Assigns full usage rights of the Photographs to the Business.

    I agree that the uploading, processing, and use of the Photographs will be governed by Google’s standard online terms of service for such Photographs as set forth at www.google.com/intl/en/policies/terms. Instant360 will refund all pre-paid Service Fees to the Business (but will have no further liability with respect to the Agreement) if Google rejects the Photographs for failure to meet the Google Street View technical specifications and Instant360 does not correct the failure after re-photographing the Business at a mutually agreed upon time.